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General Servicing

Avoid considerable & costly damage by regularly maintaining your bike.

Routine upkeep of your motorcycle ensures key components are in optimal running condition.


RD Racing offers regular maintenance servicing for all types of bikes which includes, but is not limited to:

Brake pad check / Brake Fluid check / Cables and linkages maintained / Clutch & throttle adjustment / Brief check of forks and suspension / Wheel bearings / Tyre pressure / Chain checked and adjusted / Replacement of spark plugs / Oil Change / Oil Filter Replacement / Check, replace, or top-up radiator coolant / Replace Air filter


Suspension Services

A critical element of any motorcycle. It’s vital to maintain your suspension, it affects many elements of riding. Regular servicing avoids critical part deterioration, ensuring optimum performance:

Servicing: Cleaning of parts / Oil replacement / Seal replacement / Checking & replacing any other worn parts

Rebuilds: deconstruction & reconstruction of forks and/or shocks

Modifications/Set-up: Customisation of suspension (forks &/or shocks) according to unique requirements

Parts: Supply & fitment of all suspension parts. RD Racing is an authorised Öhlins and K-tech dealer & service centre


Accident Repairs

Never an ideal situation, but you can rely on the skills and integrity at RD Racing.

Services related to accident repairs or insurance claims includes but is not limited to:


Possible stripping of the motorcycle / Formal damage estimate and report / Possible repairs to parts (if this is viable) / Formal detailed letter if required / Repairs upon approval (with fast turn-around times provided parts are available) / Dealing with insurance company and assessors

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From very small modifications that have a profound impact on the feel of the bike, to total conversions that everyone will notice, RD Racing offers a very wide variety of services in relation to this.

We provide honest feedback in terms of whether you need the conversion or not, and whether it is worth it or not.


It is all dependent on your unique needs, just give us a call to discuss what you want to achieve, and we will take it from there.


Track Services

Track support for: 

- Races

- Practice days

- Track days


This service is inclusive of a very wide range of different skills and responsibilities.

From preparation and testing to services on the day and checking the bike thereafter.



We source and supply a multitude of different tyres, parts, spares, accessories for a wide variety of motorbikes, as well as usage situations.


We also provide honest advice, fitment, balancing, and alignment services in terms of tyres.


If you need rims, we supply and fit very high quality rims.

[Authorised Öhlins & K-Tech Suspension Dealer & Service Centre]