About Us

RD Racing, an extensively equipped motorcycle workshop, meeting the needs and wants of all motorcycle owners and enthusiasts!


Founded 14 years ago by David Postlethwayt together with the late Robert Davies (RD = Robert & David), their collective vision was to create a strong brand that centred on honesty, hard work, and primarily, excellent workmanship.

With a passion for all things motorbike related, David carries on the legacy of this vision with nearly two decades of experience behind him.

From superbikes, to offroad and adventure bikes to name a few, we service, repair, modify, restore, rebuild, customise, and provide parts and accessories for all motorcycle makes and models.


Known for our general and specialist suspension services, set up, and expertise, we also provide track and race assistance amongst various other skills and services.

RD Racing is proud to have assisted many riders in winning their championships, some even numerous times!

For notable, honest advice, and excellent service and work ethic, you have come to the right place!