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RD Racing provides

Superior Quality Workmanship and Brands

"People appreciate his honesty and the great pride he takes in what he does. He will always go above and beyond what is expected of him and this is one of the reasons he stands out as one of the best in the industry. This comes through strongly in his reputation and daily dealings with his customers, old and new".

Donovan Fourie

"Racing is a high risk sport, I felt that David was the only mechanic who would take this risk seriously enough to ensure my safety and that of my husbands. David's abilities and demeanor are needed in the professional racing industry as a crew chief, because he has great insight in the performance of a bike and rider, and has the ability to articulate this and convert this into improved results".

Karen Brown

"David makes sure things are done properly the first time, and his work is always clean and neat. I know that no matter what he does, the quality of workmanship will be exceptional. Further to this, his loyalty and reliability make him an asset to any team or client. The advice he has given me in the past has helped me improve as a rider".

Brent Harran


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